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About HeyNoobz


Hi, we’re Casi and Greg! Noob extraordinaires! We started our big adventure around the world at the end of March 2013, beginning in Tokyo, Japan and ending up in who knows where. We haven’t explored too much of this world and we plan to change that over the next 6(ish) months as we travel through Asia and Europe.

We tend to get weird looks when we tell people the name of our blog, so let me explain…
It all started back in 2009 when we moved to San Francisco, CA and Casi began blogging for the first time to share our San Francisco adventures. We didn’t know much of anything about SF and made it very clear by calling ourselves noobs (geeky term for newbie). After exploring the crap out of our new city we definitely felt a little less like SFnoobs. We left SF in March and began our journey around the world and became world noobz … hopefully one day we’ll feel a little less noob-ish about this planet we call home.

HeyNoobz.com is where we (mostly Casi) will be recording our travel stories, mainly for our Mom’s so they don’t freak out, but also so we can meet people, learn, and have a place to call home. We met some great people in San Francisco thanks to this blog and we hope we can keep that going during our travels.

Casi + Greg