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Photo of the Week: Week 10 It’s Days Like These I Miss Home


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Photo of the Week: Week 10 It’s Days Like These I Miss Home

June 14th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Photo of the Week, Thailand · By: Casi

Note: We’re actually on week 11, but I’m catching up…


Today is a big day for these 3 ladies!

My mom turns 30 today (again).
My little sister (who is actually not so little and is like a foot taller than me) graduates from High School.
And I get to say that I have lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Mama, today is the biggest for you today because not only are you another year wiser, your two favorite people (Me and Marisa…duh!)(I won’t tell everyone who the actual favorite one is…but I’m sure you can guess) are having big days too. Days we will remember forever. Marisa graduates high school today and the whole fam is there to celebrate it! Well, almost the whole fam. This is why I miss home the most today. It’s not everyday we are all together, and the one super happy day everyone is home celebrating and I am missing out. It makes me sad, but I hope you all know I am there in spirit and screaming Marisa’s name and singing Happy Birthday to you here from Thailand. It’s going to be weird when we are the same age in less than 2 years, but people will believe it since I’m sure you will forever get your favorite compliment when people see us together, “You girls look like sisters! Not mother and daughter!”

Marisa, Little Sister, you will forever make me feel old with this whole 10 year age difference. Today is one of those days. Graduating high school for me seemed at least 100 years ago, but I guess it was exactly 10 years ago. Weird! I’m sure your graduation will be very similar to mine. Tons of pictures, and even more hugs, saying see ya later to your friends who are going all over the place after summer for college, eating (because that’s what our family does when we celebrate!), and the feeling like you’re on top of the world cause Hey! You just accomplished something pretty awesome that took you like 13 years! The next 4 years (or 6 years if you’re as smart as me…which isn’t nearly as smart as you) are going to go by in a flash! You’ll make so many friends, have a new hometown to add to the list, and you’ll experience even more in these next 4 years than you have in the last 18. Listen really carefully, I’ll be shouting MARISA!!!! when they call your name to give you your diploma!

As for me, I’m here holding back tears because I’m missing all of this. But I should be happy…and I will be happy as soon as I stop writing this…because my awesome husband and I have been on an amazing adventure now for 82 days. We’ve been to 5 countries. Countless cities. Met new friends from all over the world. Seen people, places, and things I never dreamed of. Ate delicious food. Seen several beautiful sunsets and even a few sunrises. And today is the day I can say that we live in another country. We can say when we’re old and grey that we lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mom, calm down! It’s only for a month! We are signing a lease in a nice little apartment for 30 days so Greg can work and I can blog and sit by the pool and hit the gym to work off this pad thai belly I have formed. We are both really excited to explore our new city. We already found our new favorite restaurant and I’m sure we’ll find others. I hope we meet new friends and eventually feel like this is really our home, even for just a short while.

It will never be like our real home though. Where our family is. But it will do for now.


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