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Photo of the Week: Week 3 Cebu, Philippines


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Photo of the Week: Week 3 Cebu, Philippines

April 17th, 2013 · 5 Comments · Philippines, Photo of the Week · By: Casi

Looking for Wifi in Paradise

Hi, our names are Greg and Casi and we are wifi-aholics.

There! I said it! And yes, the picture above is Greg unsuccessfully trying to upload an Instagram photo of us enjoying our island hopping day. Don’t judge.

We came to Cebu, Philippines about a week and a half ago after hearing about it for the first time ever just a week before that. Our new friends Gilryan and Edwin who live in Cebu told us about island hopping and we were sold! We were on the next flight (almost literally) to the Philippines!

The water is crystal clear, the sun is always shining, the water is warm, the boat rentals are a steal, and our new friends made for a perfect island hopping day.

The wifi…well…it apparently does not like a warm beautiful ocean environment. Every hotels biggest sell is that they have wifi which is beautiful music to our ears, but none of them actually work to the extent that we’re used to. Go ahead, call us spoiled…we deserve it. But it took me 24 hours of searching for wifi, dowloading apps, losing everything I wrote for this post, finding it again hidden in the depths of wordpress, and knocking over vendors who got in my way to free wifi to get this post with one single picture up on the site. In fact, I’m not even sure how long it will take to actually get this post live on the site once I hit publish. So if you’re seeing this right now it means I’m happily sipping a San Miguel on the beach rather than ripping my hair out at Starbucks.

We’re in Boracay now where the wifi seems to not be enjoying the heat as well. I’m currently at Starbucks trying to suck every inch of wifi I can out of this place (yes, there is a Starbucks on this 4 mile long island). If things shape up I’ll update you all with pics from our whale shark adventure, the delicious BBQ we enjoyed with all the pork a girl could ask for, island hopping, all of the beautiful sunsets, and the crystal clear waters. Until then pray to the wifi gods for us 😉


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