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Photo of the Week: Week 5 Singapore + Thoughts So Far


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Photo of the Week: Week 5 Singapore + Thoughts So Far

May 1st, 2013 · 7 Comments · Photo of the Week, Singapore · By: Casi

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You may have seen this picture before because I posted it on Instagram a few days ago. I try to share new photos every week in this Photo of the Week post, but this picture really stood out to me. Actually it stood out to my friend Katester first who sent me a message after I posted it saying “My favorite instagram yet….you both look super happy!” After making fun of her for being sappy, I took a second look at the picture and she’s right! We do look super happy in this picture…and we really are SUPER HAPPY.

We are on our 38th day of this trip and even though we have made mistakes (lots of them), gotten lost, ate food that made us sick, been ripped off (we call it the white tax), had some arguments (usually when I’m starving and need food RIGHT NOW), and a few other not so great moments, we couldn’t be any happier about our decision to do this trip. Every time we book a new flight to a new country I get so excited! It’s like the night before Disneyland every time. In fact, I’m writing this at Changi Airport in Singapore before our flight to Bali. TO BALI!!!! This is a place I’ve known about for a long time and it has always seemed so exotic and far away and a place I would only dream about visiting. But here we are, on our way to Bali. I think my smile is even bigger than it is in this week’s picture.

Dream big people!