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Point Reyes Hikes that Can Only Be Cured By a Double Double from In-in-Out


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Point Reyes Hikes that Can Only Be Cured By a Double Double from In-in-Out

March 5th, 2012 · 3 Comments · California · By: Casi

Yesterday I was reminded why I do my exercising indoors. Why I don’t go camping. Why I will never be Katniss (read Hunger Games. NOW.) Bugs, poison ivy (or stinging nettle as Gabetron likes to call it), bugs, critters that scurry around in bushes unseen and can therefor be gigantic monsters that want to eat me, bugs, mud, no bathrooms with actual toilet seats and toilet paper and soap (all necessarry things IMHO), bugs, big open fields where Cato can totally see me and kill me at any moment!!!!! (seriously, go read Hunger Games now. kthnxbai), did I mention bugs?

I also discovered why all those things are appealing to people (and fictional characters from one of the best books ever). This is why…

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
First of all, you get to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, and that is always just an amazing site. Every time I drive over it I like to scream “WE LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO BITCHES!!!!!” because that’s how lucky I feel to live in this amazing city.

Point Reyes Hiking
People who don’t mind bugs get to go on beautiful hikes in Point Reyes.

Point Reyes Trees
I know trees may not seem too fascinating, but when you see these ginormous things and realize how long they have been there! To be this large this tree has to have been around at least since the cavemen (I hear that’s a long time).

Point Reyes Hiking Trails
There are so many options for beauty! Do you want to see the coast from the highest point ever, be on the coast, or see it from a cliff jetting out over the waves?

Point Reyes Hiking Coast Trail
We opted for the scary cliff. Totally worth risking your life over. Ok, ok! It wasn’t that scary! But it sure was beautiful!!

Point Reyes Hiking
You get to experience these amazing sites with the ones you love. You also get to complain to them about ALL THE BUGS!!! Love you LaurenA, Becca, and Gregory!!!

Point Reyes Sunset
You get a goodbye unlike any other. A goodbye that is totally like, “come back again soon and visit my amazeballs views!” And I’m like, “OK!” That is until the carsickness from the most windey road on earth kicks in and the only thing that will save it is a Double Double from In-n-Out.

Fitbit Steps
You also get a nice butt and legs from all the hiking, but your feet? Let’s not talk about the feet.


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