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The Best and Worst Time to Travel Thanksgiving Weekend


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The Best and Worst Time to Travel Thanksgiving Weekend

November 30th, 2009 · No Comments · California · By: Casi

Thanksgiving has usually been pretty painless in the past. Usually consisting of a quick drive to grandmas for massive amounts of food followed closely by a food coma in the comfort of my own bed. This year we had to travel home from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I’ve heard horror stories about unbearable airports and painstakingly long road trips. Here is my experience:

Three of us packed up the car (after the hour long bus/Bart ride to Berkley to meet up with the driver). We filled up the tank and stocked up on junk food (including a hot dog shaped hamburger injected with cheese) and began our journey to Los Angeles at 11:30pm the night before Turkey Day. We arrived shortly later at around 5am and slept until it was time to fill our bellies. I feel i should mention that It was probably only “shortly later” for me since I slept most of the time.

The usual occurred: played cards, watched football, planned out the best attack for Black Friday (stay home and eat leftovers), and ate tons of food! Sleeping on an air mattress wasn’t the best part of the long weekend, but seeing family and friends totally made up for it!

Then it was time to begin the road trip back home to San Francisco. We left at 4pm, made friends with pretty much every family driving home on the dead stopped 5 freeway, made several stops at overflowing gas stations, answered every trivia question ever made, ate way too much junk food, and actually ran out of music to listen to on our iPod. We finally arrived home about 9 hours later, thankful to be done with the road trip from hell!

I’m so happy my mom is coming to San Francisco for Christmas!


P.S. One of the passengers on this road trip from hell (who will remain nameless) highly suggests NOT mixing large McDonalds vanilla iced coffees with 5 hour energy shots!

These are some RANDOM pictures I took this weekend with my camera phone:
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