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Photo of the Week: Week 2 Osaka, Japan


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Photo of the Week: Week 2 Osaka, Japan

April 10th, 2013 · No Comments · Japan, Photo of the Week · By: Casi

I owe you a really awesome post on Osaka, but until then I’ll give away the highlight of our time in Osaka in this week’s photo of the week:

New Friends! We met Rui with his brother Joon in Tokyo while waiting in line for some delicious ramen. During dinner we found out that Rui lives in Osaka which was our next destination….one thing led to another and just a few days later he was giving us a tour of his city with his friend Yumi. This day was one of mine and Greg’s favorite days we spent in Japan. How can you go wrong with making new friends!

Making Friends in Osaka


P.S. We are in Cebu, Philippines right now! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for all the latest 🙂

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