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Why Did We Go to Minnesota? Oh Yea, I LOVE My BFF Kate!


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Why Did We Go to Minnesota? Oh Yea, I LOVE My BFF Kate!

March 3rd, 2011 · 6 Comments · Minnesota · By: Casi

Last weekend I discovered the meaning of COLD.

Greg and I went to Minnesota to visit our very best friends, Kate and Darren. We were lucky enough to also see our other BFF Justin who flew to Minnesota from LA. It was a weekend filled with That’s What She Said jokes, food, and drinks. You know, the usual.

Another thing it was consumed of is COLDNESS. One lesson I learned this weekend is that we should never leave California in the winter. Yes, we love our friends, but they are coming to visit us from now on between the months of December and March!

We were “lucky” enough to be in Minnesota during Snowpocolypse, where the high temp was 23 degrees, the snow came from all directions, and driving was pretty much the scariest thing in the world.

Here is what we did in pictures:

First things first, we grubbed on White Castle. This right here made the trip to Snowpocoypse 100% worth it (and of course the constant hugging and hand holding I did with my bff).

Our first full day there we visited the Mall of America where we shopped, shopped, and shopped. I had to buy another suitcase…that’s how much we shopped. Don’t judge me! p.s. this picture was taken so we could meet our goal of being the most touristy people in the mall. It was a tough goal to accomplish, but I think we did it with this one.

My Bff Kate and I drank an enormous amount of champagne and other fun cocktails throughout most of the weekend. This is the only picture I have of us that isn’t completely ridiculous and filled with funny faces.

Then we went to a place that served drinks in pineapples! It was like Hawaii was in Minnesota! Except for the whole 10 degrees below zero thing…that’s my friend JA in this awesomely-awesome iphone-to-iphone picture. I’m an artist! Who knew!?

Can you guess what these are? Nooooooo, it’s not poo on a stick! It’s deep fried snickers bars! Yea, you heard me.

As I go through these pictures I’m wondering how in the hell I made it out of Minnesota alive. Yea, I came back with a major beer belly, but we survived and I think that’s the important thing we should focus on.

Here’s me and Greg in front of a bank just so we could prove the coldness we were enduring. That was probably the warmest day too. Brrrrrrrrrrr

Me and Katester in front of a frozen solid lake. That lake is where I tried to be a professional ice skater (on Uggs) and got this little beauty…

On our last day there Snowpocolypse hit…like a mother! I know this pic looks like my friend is at the top of a mountain during a white out, but really I am taking the picture from the snow plowed street while he is up on the “sidewalk”

The drive to the airport was the scariest thing. I had my eyes closed most of the time while we were on the freeway passing stuck cars at 13 miles an hour.

When we got to the airport (alive thank gawd!) we checked our bags and then this is what we saw: everything CANCELLED. I was secretly happy because this meant I wasn’t going to die in a horrible plane wreck.

So, we bought a bunch of lottery tickets and headed to the closest hotel to drink and gamble our sorrows away.

At some point in the night I thought it would be a GENIUS idea to stuff the rouge roll away bed into the elevator door. I had way to much fun with that one.

Then the next day arrived and we wondered back to the airport where apparently they were letting planes fly out even though Snowpocolypse was still furiously roaring outside.

We made it home back to blue skies and two days later the weather man told me it was going to snow in SF. FAIL.


You can check out all the other fun and obnoxious pictures that were taken in my flickr feed.

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