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Photo of the Week: Week 16 Elephants In Italy…I Mean In Chiang Mai, Thailand

July 15th, 2013 · Photo of the Week, Thailand · By: Casi

Sorry, I got a little confused with my title because of all the Italy reasearch and planning I have been doing the last week or so. This picture was actually taken at the Elephant Nature Park just north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’ll have a whole post about it soon, but for now you can enjoy this little gem we took with Jokia and Mae Perm. Jokia is blind after being abused by her prior owners, but luckily she was rescued and found her best friend Mae Perm who never leaves her side and acts as her eyes to the park. They were the first of many elephants we got the chance to meet, learn about, bathe, feed, and play with at the park. More pics and stories to come.

Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Yup, you heard correctly! We’re heading out of South East Asia and into

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All The Beachy Goodness Pictures Of My Favorite Beach In The Whole Wide World

July 11th, 2013 · Thailand · By: Casi

When we first started “planning” (in quotes because we didn’t do so much of that whole planning thing) our RTW trip one thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to go to Thailand. Every blogger and travel site has tons of pictures, sites to see, stories, and an array of information about Thailand. It’s definitely on the backpackers trail not only because of it’s beauty, but because it’s so dang cheap! Cheap + beautiful beaches = it’s on our travel wish list. No longer is it in the wish list category because we have travelled our way through Thailand starting in southern Thailand and its islands.

We’ve been in landlocked Chiang Mai for almost a month now, cutting ourselves off cold turkey from our addiction to the beaches of Thailand. So when I started looking through pictures I wanted to share with you I immediately looked up how much it would cost to head to Krabi for the weekend. Luckily for Greg’s wallet I came to my senses when I realized it’s actually quite pricey because of the last minuteness of my craving for beaches. So instead, I’m just going to have to get my beach fix from all our pictures.

Today we begin with my favorite beach of all time in the whole wide world, Phra Nang Beach. Only accessible by boat because of its high cliff-sides.

Long Tail Boating in Krabi, Thailand

For 100 Baht each ($3.20) we long-tailed roundtrip from Ao Nang (a province of Krabi, Thailand) to this little slice of heaven.

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Photo of the Week: Week 15 Football in Chiang Mai, Thailand

July 8th, 2013 · Photo of the Week, Thailand · By: Casi

Greg and I love going to live sporting events, especially for the Los Angeles Lakers which we have both been fans of since we were kids. Then when we moved to San Francisco 4 years ago we started going to Giants games. THEN we actually moved across the street from AT&T Park where the Giants play and that’s when we officially became fans. We loved going to games, especially when friends and family came to visit. I mean, who doesn’t love watching a live sports game with beer, peanuts, and garlic fries?! Lame people, that’s who!

So one of the things we knew we wanted to do during our trip was go to sporting events in other countries. See what they eat, cheer for the local team, checkout their stadium, and just have a local good time! Our first local sports experience was in Tokyo, Japan when we went to cheer on the Yomiuri Giants. This was extra fun since they are basically a knockoff of the San Francisco Giants, so of course I wore my SF Giants hat.

Last weekend we enjoyed our second local sports experience along with some friends here in Chiang Mai. For 60 baht we cheered on the Chiang Mai Football (a.k.a. soccer) Club Lanna Tigers with some spring rolls and 60 Baht ($1.93) giant beers (quite the deal compared to the $80 nosebleeds and $10 beers at home). Our group sat behind the band with the rowdy crowd cheering and chanting to Lady GaGa themed songs the whole game.

Can you spot the horse?

It was such a great, fun, affordable day to spend with friends and the locals, even though we rarely knew what they were saying. I’m guessing something along the lines of “Go Tigers!”

Football in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The 700th Anniversary Stadium has a backdrop of the Doi Suthep Mountains and a gorgeous sunset, dontcha think…

Have you been to a sporting event in another country?

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Putting My Big Girl Pants On & Listing All The Reasons Why I Malaysia

July 2nd, 2013 · Malaysia · By: Casi

I’m not gunna lie guys, Malaysia was not my favorite place in this world. It’s not like I hated Malaysia, but it definitely put a sour note on our travels. So I was going to do this whole “Here’s 6 Reasons Why I Disliked Malaysia” post, and I had it written out and everything. But I made the difficult decision of deleting the list I worked very hard on. In no way do I ever want to sway you from adding Malaysia to your travel wish list, especially since I don’t have a good reason to do that. In fact, I have heard from many people on this trip that Malaysia was one of their favorite countries they visited.

I had 6 reasons I disliked Malaysia, but all of those reasons can be summed up with one little problem. Me. My attitude was so bad in Malaysia. I was sad we left Bali, our favorite place on Earth, and all I could do was compare Malaysia to Indonesia and pout like a big traveling baby. That is not a good traveler if you ask me. So instead, I’m going to make a list of why I liked Malaysia. I’m hoping by the end of this post I will have convinced myself that it really wasn’t that bad and that I should give it another chance.

    6 Reasons Why I Malaysia

1. One of the most popular Hindu Shrines outside of India is found near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Batu Caves. Without a doubt the most beautifully impressive place of worship we have seen so far on this trip. Surrounded by limestone cliffs you’ll find shrines, temples, hindu drawings, and statues. Including the most impressive statue of Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity. We walked up the 272 steps to enter the cave temple with limestone walls, monkey inhabitants, and dripping water from a recent rain. It was truly beautiful and unlike any other place we have seen.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Photo of the Week: Weeks 11-14 What We’ve Been Eating Lately

June 28th, 2013 · Photo of the Week, Thailand · By: Casi

Ok, it’s officially time I get caught up on this photo of the week project I have been doing. We are about to finish our 14th week on the road (crazyness!) and I haven’t done a photo of the week since Week 10. So today you get a big roundup of pictures to make up for all the weeks I’ve missed.

This photo of the week roundup is filled with all of the food we have been eating lately. All of this food is from Malaysia and Thailand so you’ll see a lot of noodle dishes, specifically a lot of pad thai since you just can’t go wrong with Pad Thai. Am I right!? Yes, I am. Trust me. You’ll also see that we have caved into some western food the last few weeks. Sometimes a girl just needs a burger and fries or nachos. Mmmmmm Nachos! We also have been living in Chiang Mai for a couple weeks now and we have a fridge and a stove so I have been making breakfast every morning and a few dinners. I have been loving our weekly trips to the produce street market. I’ll be writing a post about that for ya once I catch up to Chiang Mai.

Feast your eyes:

Food from Malaysia and Thailand
Pianapple Chicken in a Pinapple at U-Cafe in Kuala Lumpur. We’re so mad we didn’t eat at this place until our last night there.

Food from Malaysia and Thailand
Moo Goreng (stif fried egg noodles with pork) from a street stall in George Town, Malaysia

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