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1st Beer Tasting Meetup


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1st Beer Tasting Meetup

November 20th, 2009 · 3 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi


I FINALLY signed up for a Meetup about a week ago. No it wasn’t a photography, hiking, or book club Meetup. It was Women Who Like Beer! I love beer and I’m a woman, so it’s totally perfect! Now, I’m no stranger to ale, as you can see in the SFNoobs tag cloud, the most talked about subject on this blog is beer! But, this beer “experience” I’ve had has consisted mainly of Bud Select, Fat Tire, and Anchor Steam. All good beers (in my opinion), but definitely ammeter compared to the amazing beers we had at the first Women Who Like Beer: Tasting Meetup!

This isn’t the first beer tasting review I’ve done on this website, but it is definitely the first educated one! There were 15 women in our hosts cute apartment in Noe Valley, most of us meeting for the first time. We were greeted with a quick background of what a femALEist is (a woman who likes beer) and our first of 13 tastings: Hell or High Watermelon Wheat.

I’m not going to talk about all 13, but I must say this watermelon one was surprisingly refreshing and tasty. Another weird aspect about this one is it comes in a can! Usually you think of Simpler Times, Coors, and Bud Light when you think of beer in a can. But, this one was definitely more tasty, smooth, and fruity. We learned a lot in this meetup from our host The femALEist, Tiila. She taught us why sometimes a can is actually better for a beer, the best places to go for each one of the beers we tried, prices, ABV, and tons of fascinating history.

I pretty much liked all the different beers we tried but I definitely have some favorites! The Hop Trip, a Pale Ale by the Deschutes Brewing Company was fantastic. It was the first one of the night that had a hint of IPA, but smoother. IPA being my favorite type of beer, it was great to taste this one that our host told us would go perfect with curry, thai food, or pretty much any kind of spicy foods.

One of my other favorites was a Dubbel beer: Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue). Bieres de Chimay makes three different types of Chimay beers: Red/White/Blue. It definitely had a malt flavor and was a bit bitter and spicy. The best part about it is it’s sold at Trader Joes! One of my favorite grocery shops! This being our 7th hefty tasting I was at the point of no return, and pretty much every beer was starting to taste like my favorite! I know there was something about Monks with this beer…

My favorite of all 13 was the Douple IPA: Pliny the Elder! Made by the Russian River Brewing Company, this super hoppy, strong, flavorful IPA was just delish! I know Greg would love this one, so I’m heading to my nearest City Beer, Healthy Spirits, and Jug Shop to buy out all their stock. I think I also heard that The Page on Divisadero and Page St. has this one on tap, so you’ll probably see me there soon! As a newly discovered femALEist, it was nice to hear from The femALEist, Tiila, that this is the “Mans Beer!” That’s right men! I can handle and LOVE your kind of beers too!

Our host’s favorite beer was a type of beer I have never tried before. This Sour Ale, Consecration again by the Russian River Brewing Co., was a whole new experience in my mouth! (I know, I know! “that’s what she said! ha…ha) This $22, 25oz, 10% ABV bottle of beer was definitely sour. To me it almost tasted like a scotch or whiskey mixed with A LOT of lemon. It wasn’t my favorite, but definitely an experience!

We ended the night with a coffee beer and some great conversation. It was great meeting all these new women and I can’t wait for the next Beer Tasting meetup: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: Holiday Beer Tasting. Thanks Tiila for being an awesome host!


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