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New Years Eve, iPhone, Bike Riding, Work, and Ice Cream Randomness

January 3rd, 2010 · 6 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

WARNING: this is going to be the most random blog post yet.

I woke up at 12:30am last night and stared at the ceiling for 3 hours thinking….thinking….thinking. Mostly about this blog and how I want to write more. It really is something I love to do, mostly because of all the people who read and enjoy it. I love everyone’s comments here and on Twitter and Facebook. It just makes me so happy to know that I’m not the only person who thinks what I have to say is somewhat interesting! December was a record breaking month for SanFranciscoNoobs.com thanks to all of you. I hope to keep this upward trend going!

So lets start the randomness!

Randomness #1: I never got a chance to talk about NYE 2010. A bunch of us got on a FREE bus to Embarcadero plaza to watch fireworks. Little did we know that everyone and their mom had the same idea! It took WAY too long to get there, and once we finally arrived we squeezed our way through about a million and half drunk people and frustrated cops. The fireworks were absolutely amazing though! Definitely worth all the hassle to get there. Check out the pics:
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623132274036″]
The “best” part of the night came at the end of the show when everyone started leaving. I have never seen so many people walking down Market St. in my life! All cars and buses were stuck in their paths and people were screaming and pushing their way through the madness. I was glad to get out of there alive, especially since one crazy drunk chick decided she didn’t like how I touched her and started yelling at me. I punched her out and we were on our way….ok, ok I ran away crying for my mommy. Obviously we weren’t going to get on a bus, so our only choice was to flag down any car that would pick us up. Luckily a cab actually rescued us and not some drunk serial killer! The night was an adventure that I definitely hope to experience again. But, maybe in a nice warm club along the water far away from all the crazies.

Randomness #2: I got an iPhone! I got an iPhone! I got an iPhone! Crossing that off my wish list.

Randomness #3: I went for my first major bike ride today, and I didn’t fall once! YAY! GO ME!

and P.S. San Francisco hills + me riding a bike = My butt and legs are not happy with me right now!

Randomness #4: Family and friends are out the door so it’s time to get back into the grind! This consists mainly of getting a job I love, keeping up with my 2010 resolutions, and watching as many bridal shows and reading all about how to be the BEST bridesmaid EVER for my BFF Kate.

Randomness #5: I’m just slightly OVER excited to make ice cream with Alli from Alli’s Ice Cream on Wednesday. Trust me….this will be a blog post! Hopefully one about how I didn’t ruin our batch of PB&J and Heath Bar ice cream!

Thanks again everyone for following my random thoughts, adventures in San Francisco, and my quest to do what I love most; write stuff you all love….or even like, just a little.


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