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San Francisco Noob Mission in the Parks


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San Francisco Noob Mission in the Parks

May 27th, 2010 · 11 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

Although it’s raining like a mo outside today, weather.com says it’s going to be sunny and in the 70’s over the weekend. Although I secretly wished it was going to rain this weekend because I tend to spend money on sunny weekends going to cafe’s, bars, restaurants, boutiques, vendors, and the occasional happy bum donations; I have decided to put on my thinking cap and find something free to do.

I’ve never lived in a city with so many beautiful parks, so I have made it my mission to go to as many parks as possible over the sunny weekend. Below you will find a list of some parks that were suggested to me on twitter, some I have already enjoyed going to, and some I had no idea were even there until I found them on Wikipedia. So help a noob out and vote for your favorite park to hang out with a beer, a book, a park that has great people watching, cute puppies I can steal pet, or any other random reason you enjoy it. I plan on bringing a backpack of all the essentials (so I don’t spend a dime), my bus pass, my new book (you will see a post about this soon + a giveaway. GET EXCITED!), and my trusty phone/camera.

Please leave comments if there are any extra special things I should know about your park suggestion (i.e. stay away from the bum who likes to lick people). Also, pick as many parks as you like, and suggest some that aren’t on the list! I will try to make it to all the most voted. YaY for three day weekends!

Oh yea, and thanks to all the men and women out their who have fought their hearts out for this country. We are all greatful for your service, which allows us to have fun noob-tacular missions!


#1. Dolores Park
#2. Washington Square/Duboce Park/Marina Green
#3. Alamo Square/Palace of Fine Arts
#4. Corona Heights
Other = Lincoln Park/McLercan Park/Buena Vista

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