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A Farewell Love Letter to San Francisco


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A Farewell Love Letter to San Francisco

March 25th, 2013 · 4 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi


Remember that time 4 Fourth of July’s ago when we met? My (then) boyfriend (spoiler alert…now husband) drove a giant Uhaul for the first time 377 miles north on the 5 freeway just so we could all be together. You welcomed us with open arms as we passed over the Oakland-Bay Bridge (we actually drove up the Peninsula – no bridges involved – but that doesn’t sound as good) and Karl the Fog waved us in.

We started off our SF adventure in the most noobish way of all by checking out the sea lions, eating at Boudins, and getting scared by the Bush Man. I think since we took Muni there you let it slide with a slight roll of the eyes. When we made it to Zeitgeist after a few weeks you officially initiated us into the SF crew.

Craigslist, a family member of yours, helped us find our way to the cheapest place to live in your city. You’ll be happy to hear that The Outer Richmond treated us well. We became regulars at Lands End Trail, Sutro Baths, Sutro Park, and Ocean Beach. To this day, I still feel like I can call up Sutro any time.

The first year went by like a flash, but it wasn’t until our second year that we totally hit it off. From New Years Eve, to Valentine’s Day pillow fights, St Patricks Day Parades, Bay to Breakers, 4th of July, movie nights in the park, Outsidelands, Treasure Island Music Festival, Fleetweek, West Fest, Halloween, and Santacon! You sure know how to throw a party with all your favorite people, and the Marina Douchebags (Don’t take offense, Marina Douchebags. SF wouldn’t have been the same without you).

When we made our move across town into SoMa, you kept the excitement coming. Most of that excitement came from eliminating the hellishly long 38 Muni ride. The rest came from making a new home within your city. New bars, new restaurants, new parks, new buses, new people, and a new (to me) baseball team. You introduced us to the Giants and even won us a World Series our first night in our new district. Nothing beats a riot and fireworks outside your window as a way to say “Hey there!”

All of this enjoyed with our San Francisco family. Keep an eye out for our favorites we shared many SF memories with: Lauren, Becca, Morgan, Rachael, Gabetron, Scott, Shawn, Mike, Lee, Sarah, Andrew, Otto, Ashley, Marian, and Stella. All of which who have made it into your club, taught us what we know, and learned along with us.

The most memorable time I’ll take with me forever was when Greg and I got married in your beautiful city. I always knew we would get married, but the surprise was realizing that there was no better place for it to happen than in our city, San Francisco.

I have loved, cried, sang, laughed, screamed, giggled, smiled, frowned, questioned, jumped, ran, walked, ate, drank, rolled, hugged, kissed, and so much more in your city. And will never forget you. I’ll be back someday and I hope we can hi-5 like old friends and share a beer in Dolores Park.

Love always,

P.S. I hope we can be pen pals during this next adventure! I’ll write again soon <3