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Alli’s Ice Cream Rocks My World


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Alli’s Ice Cream Rocks My World

January 15th, 2010 · No Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi


Last week was a busy week for me. I made three dates with people I know from Twitter, and none of them killed me! WooHoo. I did an awesome photo shoot with @JulieMichelle from I Live Here: SF, had cock wine (yes, that’s a real wine!) with @NicoleisBetter/@JamieVaron/@heardbefore, and made absolutely delicious ice cream with Alli from Alli’s Ice Cream.

WARNING: This post is mainly being written to make anyone who hasn’t tried Alli’s ice cream (or even those who have) salivate profusely!

So, she brought out all the organic ingredients (ok, maybe the HEATH BAR bits weren’t organic) and handed me the mixer thingy (yes, that’s the technical word!). I mixed while she put together the amazing base of peanut butter ice cream. It’s a very technical and timely procedure to make ice cream! But, I think all her time and effort that goes into each batch of handcrafted goodness is what makes it so amazingly delicious!

Once the peanut butter was done churning and cooled we added the Heath Bar bits and swirled in the strawberry jelly. (Are you drooling on your keyboard yet? Cause I am!) Then we ate! O.M.G. I know what heaven is like now! Be jealous! Be VERY jealous!

Alli is perfecting her amazing concoctions as we speak, so if you’re a San Francisc(an?) be sure to keep up to date by visiting her website, Twitter, and Facebook Fan page. I’ve literally created a bookmark called Alli’s Ice Cream!

MmmMmmMmm! Time to go finish off what’s left of my PB&J with Heath bits. I suggest staying far away because I have been known to hit people with spoons.


P.S. I want to have several beer’s with all these awesome Twitter-er’s (yes, that was a bit of a stretch to get beer in this post)

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