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Concrete Jungle Adventure – SoMa, Downtown, SouthBeach, Embarcadero


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Concrete Jungle Adventure – SoMa, Downtown, SouthBeach, Embarcadero

November 9th, 2009 · No Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi


Sunday was Adventure day! Well more like get-lost-and-go-the-wrong-direction day. But, that’s what we were totally going for! I swear!

The main part of our mission was to see the most random things we could in SoMa. This is definitely one of our favorite parts of San Francisco so we end up doing a lot of missions over here. Always trying to spy on the Twitter headquarters (if only we could remember where they were. Hence the “lost-and-go-the-wrong-direction part of our day!)

I was tweeting throughout our entire mission (sorry for the over flow friends), so here’s a sample of some of the things we experienced:

– First we started our mission on a bus ride from hell where the bus driver thought it was ok to read the newspaper while driving!!!
– Made it to a part of SoMa I had never seen before, which included a lot of leather fetish shops! RANDOM!
– Saw multiple people with face tattoo’s at Brainwash
– Came upon an abandoned Easy Bake Oven, which I was very tempted to take home with me!
– Ton’s of Awesome Street Art. One “crazy” guy (who seemed to live out of his car with gold rims) even told us to stop taking pictures of HIS building! We walked away slowly without any sudden movements.
– We were going to take a pee break on Tehama St., but luckily we saw the sign first!
– Got FREE Diet Dr. Pepper on Market St. Definitely a highlight of the trip! Free always = Good
– Became part of a tower of people
– Found the SoMa Church of Scientology (a bit smaller than the one in LA)
– Went on a Mission with Gandhi
– Collapsed at the Bay Bridge next to a rather large Bow ‘n Arrow and a turtle

With all the wrong turns and random side streets our adventure took us from SoMa, through Downtown, past South Beach, and on to Embarcadero. Roughly about 5 miles (purple line on the map).

I love all the awesome things in this city. So random and entertaining, I don’t think I will ever get bored!

Check out the pics that go with our journey through the concrete jungle.


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