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Confession: I’m A Geek

January 31st, 2010 · 3 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

I have a confession to make. I’m a geek!

I know! It’s hard to believe! Right? Ok, maybe it’s not that hard to believe.

Evidence of my geekyness includes the following:

  • First of all, my site has the word noob in it! I would have made it n00b, but I was afraid that was too geeky. (Only geeks understand the difference between noob and n00b)
  • I wear black rimmed glasses. At least they’re Dior! (Further evidence: I just had to remove my glasses to see what brand they were….don’t judge me!)
  • I have a monkey collection that I literally wouldn’t trade for a million dollars (it took me a lot of time and criticism to get this collection where it is today!) Picture above was taken a year ago. The collection has grown since, and does not include my monkey pj’s, socks, clothes, posters, lamp, etc. Yes, I’m embarrassed.
  • My boyfriend is a coder (so, I’m also a geek by association)
  • I own a shirt with a dinosaur on it (ok, FINE! Two!)
  • It makes me angry when people don’t use keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste (come on people! it’s not hard!)
  • I may or may not have nun-chuck skillz (yes, with a “z”)
  • I have to convince myself to finish a book after I find a grammatical error (their/there/they’re – it’s actually a pretty simple concept!)
  • Last but not least, I could listen to geeks talk all day about social networking, web design, start-up disasters, and computer security.

Which brings me to the source of my confession – Since moving to San Francisco, I have found a new hobby: Attending Tech Events.

There are a million events going on in this city and its surrounding areas. One of the most recent ones I attended was called She’s Geeky, held at the Computer Science Museum in Mountain View (I know! How appropriate is that!?!) About 50+ geeky women gathered together to talk about everything geeky. Every hour a diverse group of sessions were created to go over Tech Talk and Geek Speaking, Art and Tech, Podcasting, Community Management Strategies, and other topics that included acronyms I had never heard of. My favorites were: Social Design, Social Networks, Founders Group, and Startup Bootcamp.

If you haven’t fallen asleep yet or stabbed yourself in boredom….you get a cookie! I told you, I’m a geek! These things interest me and there is a big community of fellow geeks here in the holy land San Francisco, so I felt it relevant.

If anyone has tips on good geek meetups in the city let me know (WARNING: I may hug you if it also happens to be a FREE event that serves FREE cocktails). Also, if you see one of my many tweets about events I have signed up for, don’t be afraid to join me! I will hold your hand if necessary.


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