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Great San Francisco Valentines Day Pillow Fight


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Great San Francisco Valentines Day Pillow Fight

February 15th, 2010 · 2 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

Reason #543 of why I San Francisco = Valentines Day pillow fight with 6,000+ people in Justin Herman Plaza

What can be more fun that that!?!!?!!?!!?!!?! That’s right! NOTHING!!

Right at 6p.m. the wave of pillow fighters made it my way. I watched for about 2.5 seconds then jumped right into the action! You might be able to see me in the video (I’m the one with the black jacket and leopard pillow).

[flickr height=”300″ width=”400″]http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancoulter/4359303157/[/flickr]

Tips I learned for next year:

  1. Dress up my pillow in a bright colored case to make it easier to find each other in the MASSIVE crowd
  2. Pick a meet up spot because it’s pretty much impossible to stick with your Valentines Day partner. Or better yet! Get a leash!
  3. Wear a bandana or mask of some sort. I was making fun of all the people who had these surgical masks on before the fight. Then I was SUPER jealous of them. People (including myself) like to rip open their pillows to let the feathers fly. Which means I looked like Sylvester the cat after eating Tweety. I’m still coughing up feathers today!
  4. Don’t wear purple boot covers. Yea, they looked totally awesome, but the massive crowd liked to step all over them!
  5. If you’re claustrophobic fight on the top part of the plaza where less people are grouped together. When I say “less” I mean like 2,000 Vs. 4,000!
  6. Don’t be a whiner!!! This wasn’t me, but I heard several girls getting all upset about getting hit in the face. SHUT UP!!!

All in all, it was the best Valentines Day EVER!

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