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Happy Valentine’s Day – Don’t Pee In My Cheerios


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Happy Valentine’s Day – Don’t Pee In My Cheerios

February 14th, 2011 · 2 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

For those of you who hate on Valentine’s Day don’t pee in my cheerios! I had the best Valentine’s Day (a few days early) ever this Saturday. Greg and I have had 10 years to prefect this holiday and I think we finally figured it out. Keep it simple stupid! Valentine’s Day is just another one of the many reasons to kick back and relax and do the things you love with the person you love (even if that’s a best friend and not a boy/girlfriend).

I was lucky enough to spend a perfect sunny San Francisco day with my boyfriend. We slept in, made breakfast together, laid in the sun and ate cheese, indulged in chocolate, took a nap cuddled on the couch, went to our favorite restaurant, and went to bed early = PERFECTION














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