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Help Me Plan the Ultimate Outside Lands Lineup

August 8th, 2010 · 7 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi


I am the overly excited winner of a pair of tickets to next weekends Outside Lands Music Festival, thanks to the deliciously delicious Pacific Catch. This will be my first OSL adventure, so I need your help to make the ultimate Outside Lands lineup. There are about a million and half bands playing over this two day festival and most of them I have never heard of before (don’t judge me). The bands I will for sure NOT be missing are Kings of Leon, Wolfmother, The Strokes, Phoenix, Social Distortion, and Chromeo. Most of these bands are later in the day, so I have hours of music awesomeness to attend before that. Below, you will find Saturday and Sunday’s lineup (minus the bands I already mentioned and the poor bands who are playing the same time as Kings of Leon) and I would love you forever if you check off the bands you think I should see. The bands with the most votes will end up on my OSL Schedule, so get your vote on!

Also, leave some comments on any OSL tips I should know. Bring toilet paper? Bring a towel? What should I wear? Will there be naked people? Wait a minute….that’s a stupid question! This is San Francisco! Of course there will be naked people! And most importantly, your tips for sneaking in “happy beverages” since I can only afford two $50 beers. Are you going to be at Outside Lands? Lets meetup and enjoy some awesome music together!


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