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House Hunting In San Francisco Using A Custom Google Map

June 25th, 2009 · 1 Comment · San Francisco · By: Greg

Besides Craigslist.org, the most important tool we used for house hunting in San Francisco was Google Maps. Since we’re huge noobs, we didn’t even know which part of the city we wanted to live in. So we decided to see houses and meet with roommates all over the city from North Beach to Glen Park.

As I described in my post about How to use craigslist to find the perfect sublet in San Francisco, we planned one crazy weekend packed with over 12 appointments. We organized the whole thing using Craigslist, Google Calendar and Google Maps.

The process was pretty simple:
1) Find a place on craigslist that we like
2) Make an appointment to see the place and add it to our Google Calendar using their First name (Example: Meet Eric @ 12:00pm)
3) Add the appointment to our custom Google Map using the person’s first name “Eric”.
4) Use a different color pin for each day

Here is an example of the map we made. I changed all the address so you cant go stock the people we met with =) If you need help or have questions about creating a custom Google Map. Let me know!

View House Hunting in SF in a larger map

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