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iSpy the Outer Richmond

January 5th, 2010 · No Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

Not to like totally rep my boyfriend’s (FREE) iPhone app….BUTTTTTTTTTTT…I had an awesome time playing iSpy on my million mile bike ride through the Outer Richmond District today!

So, yesterday was one of those days when “you don’t wanna wake up, everything is fucked, everybody sux. You don’t really know why, but you want justify rippin’ someone’s head off! No human contact, and if you interact your life is on contract. Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker! It’s just one of those days!!” to quote the mastermind: Fred Durst from his song Break Stuff. Pretty much my favorite song to listen to when I’m not having a good day.

Any way, I broke my brand new bike yesterday at the bottom of a VERY steep hill (which apparently there are a lot of in San Francisco! Who’d a thunk!) Got a couple bad emails. Oh, and I rubbed red pepper in my eye. I ended the night with a bottle of wine and my snuggie and just gave up for the day.

This morning I woke up on the right side of the bed, actually it was the left cause that’s the side closest to the door and I always have to pee in the middle of a really awesome dream. I ate a good breakfast with tons of coffee. Put on several layers of clothes, including mittens. Filled my iPod with my favorite podcast (Kevin and Bean Show) and music (Kings of Leon) and was OFF! (Did I mention Greg fixed my bike? See, I knew I kept him around for other things besides opening jars!)

The main purpose of the bike ride on this cold and blustery day (yes, that’s a Winnie the Pooh quote) was to send off a package to some awesome guy in Michigan (that’s what MI stands for, right?) who purchased my iPod Touch I had on Amazon for about 2 hours! You rock Jonathan in Michigan/Minnesota/Mississippi/Missouri!

Down hill all the way is how I like it! Then I realized I actually have to go back home at some point. I decided to go on an adventure, mostly just to find a street that’s a bit less steep than Geary Blvd. Yea, I know all you avid San Francisco bikers out there are calling me a wimp right now. But, I’m a beginner! Cut me some slack!

There were tons of other bikers out in their “awesome” spandex gear looking like race cars. (BTW: People on bikes get sponsored?!?) They were all passing me up as my legs furiously tried to keep up (on the lowest gear) up a seriously not so big hill. It eventually just got too embarrassing to keep stopping to catch my breath on the side of the road that I just pretended like I was a tourist and started taking pictures of random stuff with my iPhone. (Yea, that’s right! I got an iPhone!)

Then I remebered about that thing my boyfriend has been working on and talking about 24/7 for the past year+. His pride and joy (yes, it’s his baby) iSpy. So, it then became my excuse for my complete out of shape-ness. Well, then it just started to be fun! I created a bunch of games and played a bunch as well. Check out and play my iSpy games!

Since I was hiding in back alleys and streets away from all the professional bikers I ended up by the Legion of Honor. Ummmm, hello! Why didn’t anyone tell me how amazingly beautiful it is up there!?! The pic at the top of this post is the view from the museum. Yea, I know! Beautiful right!!

I finally made it home after a 2 hour adventure. So far the worse thing to happen today was the massive bike wedgie.


P.S. I have decided to write beer at some point in all my posts so I can continue to make BEER the biggest word on the tag cloud. I’m hoping it takes up half my side bar soon 🙂

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