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Job Search or Dating Disaster

January 22nd, 2010 · 8 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

I’ve been searching for a job since I moved to San Francisco (going on 7 months now!) At the begining it started off as #100 on my list of things to do and has recently turned into #1. A girl’s gotta have a social life, and mine is slowly slipping away with my lack of happy hour money! I have applied with every company I have secret crushes on (i.e. Twitter, Eventbrite, Justin.TV, and Yelp), and all I get are a bunch of negative responses (if I even get one at all!)

Job searching with your favorite company is like dating. You nervously ask them out on a date (i.e. send in a resume), wait anxiously for your phone to ring (or a new email to come in, and meticulously scan your spam inbox which is filled with Viagra emails), you finally set a date (meeting), put your best outfit on (slacks, button up, and heels), sweat throughout the entire date (meeting), don’t hear back from them, send drunk texts (emails) asking for another date (meeting), they finally answer (write back) only to tell you to stop being a stalker (i.e. “sorry, we are going to move forward with other candidates”), you eat a tub of ice cream and drink a bottle of wine and ask yourself where things went wrong.

It has come to the point where I need to get some mula pretty darn quick, so I am going down the temp road. Seems great, right? Getting paid to do an easy admin job for a month, and still have time to stick to your dreams of finding that PERFECT job! Well, I got my first temp job rejection yesterday, and I have to say it hurts just as bad as a rejection from one of my crush companies. I worked an 8 hour shift (my first in 7 months BTW), only to get a phone call right after I left (and said “See ya tomorrow!”dumb dumb dumb!) saying sorry, but it just wont work out. The excuse of the company realizing their need of a more permanent employee is valid, but I just hope it’s true. Sounds a bit more like “It’s not you, it’s me!”

After getting THE phone call and coming home in the rain, breaking my umbrella, and getting on the wrong bus I was ready to just cry or hit someone (or both). But then I got my mail and realized I got something from my BFF Katester. It was a letter of recommendation she wrote for me. You MUST read it! Trust me, you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Thanks Katester! I U!

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157623138706749″]

And, yes, I will be giving this to a potential employer! OK, maybe not before I get the job, but definitely once I have signed my W-4 with my crush company.

So, that leads me to this plea: If anyone knows of a company looking for a copy editor, community manager, blogger, marketing assistant, or even admin work PLEASE let me know!


P.S. beer

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  • jlynes

    hahahahahhaaa that was funny, I loved it. Good luck Casi! I wish I could help you!

  • katester

    omg…apparently I need to learn to edit

  • http://sanfrancisconoobs.com/ casandrakc

    That's ok Katester! I still love you!

  • Zack

    Hey Casi!

    Love your posts. I can totally relate to this one. I haven't worked a steady job in 7 months, though I did work at a studio for a month and went on tour with Tommy for another. But the rent money adds up way fast!

    I waited patiently thru the holidays, and it may have paid off 'cause I've got an interview next week. And it's one of my first choices. Who knows what'll come of it, but the fact is, don't get discouraged! As long as you're workin' on it, you'll find something worth spending your time at.

    Also, I start my gig back up at the White Harte next week. If only that alone could pay by bills…….but stop by when you and Greg are around. Say hi to him for me.


  • http://sanfrancisconoobs.com/ casandrakc

    Thanks Zack! Good luck with your interview!

  • rgerber

    Hang in there kiddo, we all know how smart and talented you are…hopefully those clueless people will figure it out soon…xoxo

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