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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and All That Good Stuff


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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and All That Good Stuff

December 21st, 2011 · 3 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

Why I love Christmas:

Carrying a 6ft Christmas tree through the city - Only in San Francisco
I love to torture Greg (my Jewish fiancé) by making him help decorate our house and helping me carry a 6ft Christmas tree a mile through San Francisco (a new tradition as of this year). Also, I think he secretly enjoys decorating. Especially when we’re blasting Michael Bublé’s Christmas album throughout the house the entire month of December.

Silver Christmas Tree Ornaments
Grown up Christmas tree’s: This year we decided to go with an all white/silver theme. I feel so sophisticated and grown up! But I think next year we will go back to the colorful lights and mismatched ornaments.

San Francisco Union Square Christmas Tree
Christmas trees EVERYWHERE!!! If you don’t have a Christmas tree in your store window, you hate joy and happiness and puppies. Obvs! This giant tree is in San Francisco’s Union Square.

San Francisco Union Square Macy's Christmas Tree
Shopping: Ok, Ok, it’s actually not my favorite thing this year. But last year I rocked it! I had everyone’s gifts carefully picked out and purchased in plenty of time. This year, not so much. But I still love all the store’s and their Christmas spirit.

Christmas Gold and Green Nail Art
Festive nails: with all that time I have been saving by procastinating on my Christmas shopping this year, I have been able to spruce up my nails. Right now they are red with gold tips! Everyone gets crappy last minute gifts this year, but at least my nails look good!

Christmas Hats under the mistletoe
Santa hats: I’m all about dressing for the occasion. I think every holiday should have some sort of festive hat.

Snowflake Henna Tattoo
Holiday work parties: the one day a year where you get to leave the office at noon on a Thursday to go day drinking with your co-workers! And then give yourself a drunken henna tattoo.

Gingerbread House
Ginger bread houses: This took 4 grown women 5 hours to create. Apparently someone got hungry half way through the build, because poor Gary lost an arm.

Funny Christmas Friend Family Photo
Friends: pretty self explanatory


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