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New Years Resolutions…That I’ll Hopefully Keep

December 30th, 2009 · 4 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

I really wanted to make a list this year. Everyone is doing it! I kinda feel left out. Maybe I could do ‘My Favorite Posts’ or ‘Top Ten Places I’ve Been in San Francisco’. Buuuuuuuuuut, since I’m too lazy I will be putting my New Years Resolutions in list form. Actually!!!!!!! It’s NOT me being “lazy” it’s me being EFFICIENT! (ooooo I’m so adding that to my New Years Resolution list!) OK, so here it goes:

Casi’s 2010 New Years Resolutions…That I’ll Hopefully Keep

1. Be more efficient – (See above) I’m actually already pretty efficient in life. I listen to audio books while I clean, I only watch recorded TV so I can fast forward through commercials, I am a huge fan of microwaves (which BTW I broke the other day), I make lists when I go to the grocery store (and then usually leave them on my desk, but since I wrote it down I can sorta visualize about 90% of my list), I don’t make my bed in the morning (making it much faster to get in when bed time rolls around), and I sit close to exits, but that’s mostly so I can make unnoticed departures.

2. Ride my bike as much as I can – Usually the resolution is more like “work out more,” but I have come to realize in my 24 years of life that it’s bullshit, and I NEVER do it! I get the gym membership and new workout clothes, and kick butt everyday for about 2 weeks. Then it turns into 3 times a week, then 1 time, then 0! And Yes, I DO keep the membership, paying $30 a month to have a stupid card attached to my key chain.

ANYWAYZZZZZ, so the resolution is ride my bike as much as I can, for a couple reasons. First, it was a FREE gift from my mom this Christmas. Free always = Good. Second, I can steer clear of all creepy men who try to hit on me as sweat runs down my butt crack. GROSS!!!!!!

Oh, wait! And third, something about the cliche phrase, “It’s like riding a bicycle.”

3. Blog more – Lately, I think I’ve been doing better at this. I’m pretty much on an at-least-once-a-week schedule. But, I’m going to make it a goal to change that to AT LEAST twice-a-week-schedule. I figure with all this riding I will be doing I will have more to write about. I know you are super excited for the blog post about my first wipeout! Trust me, it’s bound to happen!

4. New Sense of Style – Greg says this isn’t a resolution, but I disagree! It’s not just about buying clothes! It’s more about being more adventurous! Plus, I’m super jealous of all the people here in San Francisco who have this amazing ability to seamlessly put together gorgeous outfits while I try to “spice up” my jeans and white t-shirt. I’m thinking of going for a vintage punk look. What does that mean you ask…I have NO FRICKEN CLUE!!!!!! But, it sounds good! To give you perspective on what I’m thinking, here are a couple people I TOTALLY envy:

Erin from Calvintage: I love how she can make an everyday outfit seem effortlessly awesome!

Mai Le from fashioni.st: I love her funk. I probably couldn’t pull off any of her awesome outfits, but it doesn’t hurt to try! That’s where the adventure comes in!

5. Last but not least: Keep these resolutions: I think this is the most important of them all. I would like to meet one person who actually was able to keep all their resolutions throughout the year! I’m so one of those people who comes up with reasons why working out is a bad thing. Hey! I could totally fall off my Wii balance board, sprain my ankle, fall on my face and knock out a tooth!

I think these are all resolutions that can be accomplished and I can have fun doing them!


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