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Old Ladies and Carving Pumpkins


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Old Ladies and Carving Pumpkins

October 31st, 2009 · No Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

It’s our first Halloween in San Francisco! How exciting! We wont be heading down to the Castro or joining any costume parades this year. We decided it best to ease ourselves slowly into the chaos that is Halloween in San Francisco. We will be sticking close to home then heading out to local bars. I just don’t think I’m ready to be on a bus in my costume. In LA that would be called Ghetto!

Anyway! One tradition we did keep while in San Francisco is pumpkin carving! I’m pretty sure I have a 9 year old girl inside me, so when pumpkin carving time comes around I get just a wee bit excited about it! So much so that I couldn’t wait for Greg to get home to help me carry the biggest pumpkin I could find up a very large hill. (This is where the old lady part comes in). While waiting for the bus with a large pumpkin and a grocery bag filled with eggs, jello, and a handle of vodka (whats Halloween without orange jello shots people!?!), a little old lady came to my rescue. We became friends instantly when she used her magical powers to infiltrate my mind to see what a good conversation starter would be. “I totally agree! Friends is one of the best shows ever!” While we waited we spoke about our favorite characters (we both love Chandler) and the Halloween episode (rerun) that aired the night before. We were an instant match (she may be my new best friend)! As the bus came by she offered to hold my bag while I struggled with the ginormous pumpkin, but I just couldn’t bare to hand a little old lady (like seriously 90 years old!) a bag with a handle of vodka in it! So, I handed her the carton of eggs. We continued our chatter on the bus and she offered to help me across the street with my groceries once my stop rolled up (aren’t I supposed to help old ladies across the street?!) Of course I accepted the offer because she insisted and I just couldn’t say no to this friendly lady. I hope to see Donna again very soon, hopefully I can carry her groceries next time.

Then I got to carving. I had all the instruments I needed. My stencil, carving set, extra knives, and a simpler times (or two). Greg and I did a great job on this awesome pumpkin! I’m glad this years carving tradition came along with a great story and a new friend.


P.S. Halloween costume pics to come soon….if they aren’t too embarrassing!

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