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Cafe’s With Free Wifi Rule My World and My Goal to Become a Superwoman Bus Commuter

February 11th, 2010 · 4 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi


So, like I said in the title: Cafe’s With Free Wifi Rule My World!!!

Finding cafe’s with free Wifi is like finding a bum on the bus. They’re everywhere!!!! I ventured out this week to the North Beach area during the morning commute in search of some free wifi and good coffee. It was quite the adventure getting through the crowds. The busses were filled with people in business suits and SUPER high heels. I kinda felt out of place in my jeans and sweatshirt.

It’s awesome to travel the streets on weekday mornings. The city has a completely different vibe than what I’m used to! School children walk hand in hand through the streets and old chinese women exercise in parks I usually get my drink on during movie night in the park.

Quick tip: Be prepared to get off the PACKED 30 bus WAY before your stop. I learned my lesson when I squeezed into one during peek commute hours and got pushed around by old men and women (of the asian persuasion). My stop came up and I literally couldn’t make it to the door in time to get off (which was in arms length of me)!

I can’t wait to be a part of the in crowd on my daily morning commute to work. Did I mention I finally landed my dream job?! More to come on that when I actually make it through my first week, which is NEXT WEEK!

I need to get the essential commuter gear since my goal is to become the ultimate …. ummmm …. superwoman bus commuter? I have to work on the title.

  • Starbucks coffee mug
  • Back pack to hold “work shoes” in
  • iPod music/podcasts (I’m pretty sure that’s what those little white strings that everyone has peeking out of their ears lead to)
  • Muni Pass protecter (which I’m excited about because whipping it out will make me feel like a police woman showing my awesome badge of authority!)
  • Rain Boots (which are on my Wish List)
  • Fancy Umbrella (I’m thinking leopard)

If you think of any other necessities let me know!


P.S. Beer is not ok on the bus unless you’re a bum

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