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San Francisco’s Mandatory Composting Law


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San Francisco’s Mandatory Composting Law

November 25th, 2009 · 2 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

[flickr size=”small” float=”left”]http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancoulter/4133733251/[/flickr] A mandatory composting law has been officially put into effect at our house. I know we were “officially” supposed to start weeks ago, but we finally got our free composting bucket last week! At first I was kind of bummed when I heard about the new law. Mostly because I didn’t know much, or really ANYTHING, about composting! I thought it was some crazy hippie law we would have to endure with our move to Hippie-ville USA (no offense! Read more on SanFranciscoNoobs and you will discover that I LOVE this city!)

I decided to educate myself more on this composting thing, and it turns out it is pretty interesting! San Francisco has a long term goal to have 100% of its waste NOT go into unhealthy incinerators or landfills by 2020! Currently San Francisco is at about 72% with the new law. Composted material is put back into the city through it’s famous vineyards, beautiful golf courses, and fruitful farms. I think it is great to be a part of a city that is encouraging healthy living and a healthy planet.

I’m trying hard to get used to this whole new way of life. Yes! It is a big change for those of us who come from a place where recycling cans was a major task! Every time I accidentally throw an egg shell in the regular trash I reach my arm in and put it in its correct spot. Even my roommates are pitching in and using the new compost bucket. It’s just too easy not to! So if you haven’t already joined the composting revolution, GET ON IT!

SFenvironment.org has some great tips.
– Here is a map filled with San Francisco Compostable Bag Store Locations
– Leave a comment with any other helpful sites that make composting even easier


p.s. The compost bin can get a bit unruly so I highly suggest getting some biodegradable liners.