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December 7th, 2009 · 1 Comment · San Francisco · By: Casi

[flickr size=”small” float=”left”]http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancoulter/4087892268/[/flickr] Just a quick reminder for all my millions of fans who come to SanFranciscoNoobs.com everyday (ok maybe it’s a few less than a million).

There are tons of awesome features on this site to help you stay connected with yours truly….ME!

• Directly over to your right is a little feature I like to call ‘The Daily Casi’ which comprises of the most recent picture I’ve taken of myself at DailyBooth.com. You’ll usually see me making funny faces, enjoying wine in my leopard Snuggie, or showing you my latest creation (such as my homemade fingerless gloves). Click on my picture to be directed to more fun and exciting pictures of me.
• Here at SanFranciscoNoobs.com we want you to keep updated with the going on’s. Wouldn’t you hate to miss my next Polar Bear Ass Scratching Video!?! That’s what I thought! Become a fan on Facebook for awesome updates, and feel free to leave comments, suggestions, hate mail, etc. (Again, over on the right) You can also subscribe by email if you’re one of the few n00bs out there who doesn’t have a Facebook account (and if that’s you: What’s wrong with you!?!?!)
• Directly below that you will find my verified list of SF Know it All’s. This is a list created by @SFNoobs on Twitter of all the people I think are pretty friken awesome in San Francisco. The list consists of other bloggers, city dwellers, photographers, SF news, and just awesome people who know the Bay Area pretty well. It’s sorta my version of a blog roll.
• Since I always think of others before myself (that is unless I have to pee, then it’s time to get out of my way!) I put my @SFNoobs Twitter feed below the SF Know it All’s list. FOLLOW ME!
• Are you just not getting enough of SanFranciscoNoobs.com? Then you can find me on several other sites which I have listed in an orderly fashion.
• And finally, the best feature of them all can be found at the top of the page, the SFNoobs ‘Map’. This is the place for all you stalkers out there who want to check out my whereabouts. Click the icon for more info on the park, restaurant, bar, beach, etc. You’ll also find a link to my most recent Yelp review of the spot or the blog post that goes along with it. SFNoobs also has a giant list of reviews on Yelp, which you can find (and freind me at) HERE.

Follow me, friend me, comment, make fun of me, verbally abuse, and just have fun with SanFranciscoNoobs.com. Don’t be afraid people! I don’t bite! But, I do like to pinch…


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