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Shrimp Corn Dogs and Meatloaf Sliders at Urban Tavern


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Shrimp Corn Dogs and Meatloaf Sliders at Urban Tavern

February 24th, 2010 · 8 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

[flickr size=”small” float=”left”]http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancoulter/4385141996/[/flickr] Yea, that’s right! I said SHRIMP – CORN – DOGS!!!!!

Thanks to San Francisco Citysearch I got the privilege to have one of the most impeccable meal’s and dining experiences I have ever had. As one of San Francisco’s Citysearch Dictators (yea, that means I’m awesome), I am part of a small group of super-users who get the benefit of going to special events at new restaurants, bars and other local hot spots. Another advantage, which I reaped the benefits of Monday night, are awesome prizes for Dictator reviews.

After reviewing my ass off I finally won an amazing dinner at a hotspot I have been dying to try, Urban Tavern. It was a dinner for two, so of course I brought my trusting sidekick (and boyfriend) Greg to this awesome Monday blues buster for some grub and cocktails after work. I’m going to make this a succinct review so I don’t drool all over my laptop.

We started off with a glass of wine each, 2007 Pinot Noir Symposium for him and a glass of 2006 Merlot Camp Masut for me. I won this tasting by ordering the better wine. They were both delicious, but even my Merlot hating boyfriend stole multiple sips from my glass.

[flickr size=”small” float=”left”]http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancoulter/4385141780/[/flickr] We then moved on to appetizers of mussels and clams with chorizo and peppers. Ummmmm YUM!!! This was my first attempt at eating mussels, and I have to say I’m glad I went with the delicious shell fish. The chorizo totally complimented both the clams and mussels which were in a soup of lemony goodness! To our surprise, the Dining Manager Kyle showered us with more appetizers! This is where I was introduced to the genius that is Shrimp Corn Dogs and Meatloaf Sliders. The dill sauce that came with the Shrimp Corn Dogs was good, but I’m thinking a spicy flavorful cocktail sauce would have been better (like a gourmet catchup!) My favorite appetizer was the Meatloaf Sliders, but it was followed CLOSELY by the Shrimp Corn Dogs and Clams and Mussels.

For our main entree (YES! We ordered more), I got the steak and fries. All I can say is “It’s all about the butter sauce!” Who knew a square of butter doesn’t just go on pancakes! Greg ordered the Braised Baby Back Ribs. These MAJORLY tender ribs laid on a bed of toasted farro, which is now Greg’s new essential dinner side dish.

[flickr size=”small” float=”left”]http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancoulter/4385142554/[/flickr] Even though we begged them not to (maybe not hard enough) they sent out dessert for us as well. Colin, the Chef, personally brought out a Sticky Toffee Pudding and their specialty banana pudding in a jar. (*Insider Tip from the chef: Strawberry goodness in a jar will be the next seasonal dessert). You all may know that I have a thing with bananas (if you don’t know, just be happy you haven’t heard the story), but if you like banana’s you will LOVE the banana jar dessert. I’m not a dessert person, but both were amazing and officially put me into a heavenly food comma.

All in all, this was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had! Our waiter was perfectly attentive and full of menu tips. It was great to chat with the manager and chef. And, as expected, the food was GREAT!

Maybe that wasn’t as “succinct” as I had hoped, but trust me, I could have gone on and on and on about my new favorite downtown dining spot. I see many more Meatloaf Sliders and Shrimp Corn Dogs in my future!


P.S. Sorry for the not-so-great iPhone Pics

P.S.S. They have Anchorsteam on tap, which is one of my favorite beers.
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