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Sundance Kabuki Cinema – Japantown – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

July 19th, 2009 · 1 Comment · San Francisco · By: Casi

Wednesday was a big day! Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out in theaters!!! I have read the full Harry Potter series (a couple times) and have seen all the movies. I even read the last two again just recently so I could be fully prepared for this one! Greg has seen all the movies with me and hasn’t read one of the books, but he still totally enjoys the excitement of them. I’m always bugging him to read them because I feel like the movies leave out sooooo much, but he likes them just the way they are…booooo on him!

Any way! We are (obviously) major noobs in our new home town of San Francisco so we had to do some research on some local movie theaters. My first go to would be roommate and/or friend suggestions, but we decided to take to the web for this decision. Yelp is an awesome tool for recommendations in San Francisco, and it really has helped us find not only this awesome theater but restaurants, bars, shopping, and other adventures. After sifting through many reviews we chose the Sundance Kabuki Cinema in Japantown mostly because it gave us the choice to choose our seats online while we purchased our tickets. The reviews were great so we hopped on the bus and headed over for our 10:15p.m. showing. The reason choosing our own seats was so important was because of the massive lines we wanted to avoid from all the crazy Harry Potter mania. It was a good choice because it was nice to sit and relax with some hot Peet’s Coffee in the comfortable seating area right outside our theater instead of freezing our butts off waiting in lines that extended around an entire theater building.

The seats were comfy and roomy (almost too comfy), the popcorn smelled amazing, there was a restaurant (which was closed at the time), the crowd was young, and the movie was awesome! We definitely will be coming back to this theater for our next movie…Twilight!!!!!!!!! I might be sitting by myself on that one…


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