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The New Way to BlogRoll

November 14th, 2009 · 4 Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi


I’ve noticed that everyone and their mom’s blog has a BlogRoll. I don’t know why, but I’m just not a fan of the whole thing. I feel like I will want to constantly update it, adding new bloggers or deleting ones, blah blah blah. It’s just too much work! So I have come up with a solution! I LOVE the concept of Twitter Lists. I also LOVE the new Twitter Lists Widget. Therefore I have made the SanFranciscoNoobs Twitter list: SF Know it All’s, integrated it with the new lists widget, and voilà! Yes, I know French….sorta.

This list follows all the San Francisco Bloggers and Twitter users I love! I regularly follow and unfollow blogs, I’m an avid Twitter user, and most people update their Twitter when they have a new Blog post. So, as long as you use Twitter and you are on my SF Know it All’s list then you are now apart of my new way to BlogRoll. Check it out. It’s over there on the right ~~~>

OK, time to go crimp my hair for my first themed party in San Francisco! In case you don’t get the theme by my ambiguous clue, check back for a full recap and pictures.


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  • polksheet

    What makes a blogroll useful, beyond just for readers, but for the sites on the blogroll is that they are indexed by search engines.

    It also can help increase your pagerank. If your site is on the blogroll of another that gets good traffic, not only does it send over readers, but it can help how Google indexes you. This only works if you put direct links there though.

    So while your Twitter list is cute and a nice gesture, and maybe easier for you, it's not necessarily *better* for the members of your SF Know it All list. And also, as you said, it only applies to Twitter users – and those who update often – so really it's not a replacement at all for a blogroll : )

  • casandrakc

    I understand the benefits of a blogroll, but I think their are also benefits to using Twitter lists. People are more likely to follow you on Twitter than follow your blog. Since most bloggers tweet about their posts it seems like a better way to promote the bloggers that I like. For people who don't have blogs their Twitter is like their mini blog. So using a Twitter lists can include more people. What do you think?

  • polksheet

    I definitely see your point. There are benefits to both. I'm just saying they're not the same.

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