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The Storm is Over Now


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The Storm is Over Now

October 13th, 2009 · No Comments · San Francisco · By: Casi

Had our first big storm in San Francisco, and it was a doozy! (WoW I just sounded like my grandpa there!) Apparently there was a crazy storm going through the pacific this last week and it finally reached Northern California early Tuesday morning. I noticed the clouds last night and felt a few sprinkles, but I figured people around here overreact about rain like they do back home in LA. Nope! it wasn’t an overreaction! I lived through El Nino in LA and this storm….lets call it: La Gordita….was 10 times worse! The wind was so rough the walls and windows were shaking all day. I didn’t see the house dog Stella all day, so I’m figuring she tucked herself in a dark corner to wait out the storm.

With the end of a window rattling storm comes a beautiful sunset


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